OKR Chronicles E1- A-1 Fence-01-1

About The eBook

The OKR approach to setting goals has been used at Google, Zynga, Netflix and beyond and is spreading like wildfire across successful Silicon Valley companies.

The curiosity within us led to the following series called "OKR Chronicles", where we hear from leading CXO's and learn how they transformed their performance management using OKR approach and achieved success.


What's Inside
OKR Chronicles Episode-1?

  • A-1 Fence's transformational journey from Saurabh Gupta's (Director, A-1 Fence) viewpoint
  • Best practices and rituals for a high-performance culture  
  • Learn from the challenges faced during OKR implementation 
  • Insights on how OKR approach impacted A-1 Fence
  • Words to the wise from Saurabh Gupta, as he candidly shares his thoughts on OKRs at A-1 Fence

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