PeopleStrong  Talent OS

AI-Powered Integrated Talent Management Platform to recruit, mentor, retain, and engage your future-ready workforce.

Talent Management Imperatives for Leaders in 2022 and Beyond

  • Managing Hi-Potential Employees

  • Effective Skill Development

  • Talent Engagement & Retention

  • Drive Productivity and Performance

Who are my High Potential Employees and where can I find them?

Leaders spend less than 10% of their time developing high-potential leaders.

What are the skills my employees need to succeed in today's world?

20% Highly skilled employees produce 80% of the business benefits.

Where does my company stand in engaging and retaining talent?

Only 72% of employees understand their role & how it contributes to their org’s success.

Are employees aligned to the company's growth objectives?

97% of employees believe a lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.



Attract The Talent You Aspire

  • Align talent acquisition with business needs as you implement skill-based AI-Matchmaking Framework based on your existing Organization Skill Framework or leverage PeopleStrong Alt Skill Cloud.

  • Uncover hiring insights with Skill Dashboards and plan your workforce better with pre-configured hiring workflows.

  • Bring recruitment closer to HCM enabling an integrated hire-to-retire system for end-to-end employee visibility.


Make Talent Your Advantage!

  • Leverage PeopleStrong Alt Skill Cloud to identify skill gaps between expected and current proficiency levels and build targeted programs to bridge the gaps.

  • Become an ever-learning organization with AI-Powered personalized Learning paths tailored for your employees' needs.

  • Gather Real-Time Talent insights on employee skills, and career interests — To unlock the true potential of your employees.


A Step Towards More Agile Teams

  • Align employees with the company’s growth strategy: Identify high-performers across job roles, departments, and geographies with Real-Time Performance and Productivity Dashboards.

  • Build Talent Succession Plans basis employee potential, critical positions, years of experience, performance rating, Job requirements, and much more.

  • Plan Employee Growth Journeys better with a comprehensive view of employee skills, performance, learning, and productivity.


Give Wings of AI-Driven Engagement to your Talent Strategy!

  • Empower your talent strategy with Jinie - AI Talent Coach which engages with employees for their career growth.

  • Jinie nudges employees to drive regular check-ins on goals, develop skills, direct career paths, check engagement levels, and assist on everything around worklife.

  • On-demand Powerful Data Visualization providing Hindsight, insights, and foresight on your organization’s talent landscape.


Powering Talent For Leading Organisations


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